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"Writing a review of recommendation generally affords me the opportunity to share with others what I have experienced firsthand with Mr. Rose and his outstanding staff. This professional relation begin in 2008 when I was a commission salesperson that experienced paying excessive taxes based on my income. Mr. Rose explained in great detail how I could better my tax overview.

After my taxes were filed, I reviewed the paper work again and was amazed of the his knowledge, dedication and resourcefulness based on my past history with other tax preparation services.

In 2013 I became a small business owner and Michael Rose and Associates is and always will be my CPA of Choice."

Bill Morris
The Morris Group E3, Inc.

"We are so pleased with the services that Michael Rose offers us for our personal and small business taxes. We got in touch with Mr. Rose through Dave Ramsey's ELP referrals and are so glad we did. We have much peace of mind working with Mr. Rose, who as a Christian professional, recognizes that his faith is who he is and therefore functions out of it in the workplace, offering his clients integrity, honesty, know-how and professionalism. He has given us so much wise counsel in structuring our business, preparing records for tax preparation and navigating our accounting software, all with the shared goal of running our business with the utmost of integrity. We've also used the service of bank statement reconciliation to keep our accounting records orderly and accurate. It's always enjoyable to meet with Mr. Rose, because he's not only friendly and pleasant to talk to, but also because he thoroughly answers our questions and resolves our issues."

C. Cruz
Nave' Custom Cabinetry

"For the past five years Mr. Rose has been my accounting and financial adviser. His work is highly professional. His strong background in Accounting and Finances and his dedication to generating quality accurate work were key in my being confident in my reports.
Since I retained Mr. Rose as my CPA, the value of my payments has reduced drastically because of deductions I was not aware of and I have come to realize the importance of having a qualified CPA. I highly recommend Mr. Rose as a CPA."

Guillermo J. Cepeda, P. E.

"Our small business at Pat's Multimedia Services retained Mr. Rose for the year-end 2000 due to the complex tax laws in small businesses. Locating him was as simple as driving by one day and decided to come in and talk to him about his services. His initial consultation was friendly and very business like and no charge. He was very knowledgeable about the tax laws and so on. Mr. Rose is a very professional business man along with a great personality. His sincerity towards our unique situation and business was tailored made just for us saving us thousands in otherwise lost tax dollars due to our lack of tax expertise. If we did not make that stop that day I really don't know where we would be today but thanks to Mr. Rose our tax worries are a thing of the past. I would highly recommend him to anyone doing individual or business taxes. Drop by like we did and you'll see he's worth every dollar you invest in him."

Bernard and Pat Simmons
Pat's Multimedia Services

"We found Mr. Rose's CPA firm through a Google search. After a brief telephone interview I was confident to make an appointment and get underway. As independent contractors with 2 home offices my husband and I were losing deductions using a popular software product, despite our best efforts. Mr. Rose is very knowledgeable, thorough and focused. We look forward to the free tax seminar this summer and for all our future tax and accounting needs. A great burden has been lifted and we saved $2529."

Terry and Lisa Jones, Houston
CBS Sports and MoreDirect, Inc.

"As always, thanks for taking the pain out of April 15th for me. This is my third year being with you, and it has been a very pleasant and happy encounter. While I'm on the subject, it makes me very proud to know that you are a business man that people can trust.

Transacting business with you and Terry is always a pleasure, again, I say - Thanks."

Evelyn J. Pierce

"Michael Rose, CPA genuinely focuses on making my business more profitable by helping us take advantage of new tax incentives. We started working with him during our first year of operation. At the onset of our relationship, they set up our quickbooks properly and implemented tax planning to drastically reduce our overall tax burden."

Marilyn Porter, President
MP Ambulance Services, Inc.

"Another great year thanks to Michael Rose! Our Income could have been much better but with your expertise we were able to take advantage of the new tax laws. The extra $1300 you saved us is going into the IRA. I laugh every time I pass the tax software displays at the local stores knowing how much they really cost to use in lost deductions. There is simply no replacement for an experienced CPA. See you next year."

Terry and LisaJones, Houston
CBS Sports and MoreDirect, Inc.

"My experience with Michael Rose, CPA has been nothing but positive and pleasant. My other CPA was never available when I needed her. She never advocate for her client. She was never proactive in her client's financial well being. The straw that broke the camel back for me with her was that she never advise me about IRS payments until it was too late. I decided to switch to Michael Rose.

Switching to Michael Rose, CPA was the best move for me. He personalize his interaction with his clients. When you call his office you get prompt response. When you email him he respond in a timely manner. Most importantly he gives you a comprehensive service. He sends out email frequently about current developments in tax world. When the IRS came after me for back taxes I am glad I have Michael Rose to turn to. He got the right people involved and my problems were taken care off. I feel very relieved that I do not have to worry about tax issues because Michael Rose is taking care of that. I can now focus on doing my job. Another thing I like about Michael Rose is that he does my business accounting. I get account statements on regular basis.

Finally Michael Rose put the interest of his clients first. I am glad I made the right decision going with Michael Rose. His office staff are always pleasant."

R. Adedapo, MD

"I'm happy to send you a note about my experience. It was absolutely wonderful and the most painless experience with regards to my taxes I've ever had. I'm embarrassed to admit that I've never been the best about my finances, but I appreciated the help that you rendered without judgment. It was such a load off my mind to know that my taxes were so handled so well and so quickly. You had come to me highly recommended by a coworker and you completely lived up to that recommendation.

I also have greatly appreciated how kind and courteous your staff. They made me feel very comfortable right off the bat and every time I've been there, I've felt very warm and welcomed."

Christine Vinh Weems PC

"Michael Rose, CPA has been a great asset to our personal as well as our business finance accounting. He goes out of his way not only to produce excellent work but he offers guidance on business transactions that impact our growth and financial stability. I found his name on the Dave Ramsey's referral list of CPA recommendations. I knew he had gone and passed the intensive screening to meet their qualifications. I highly recommend Michael Rose, CPA as a reliable and knowledgeable source and someone you can trust."

Robbie Hernandez
Amigos Realty

"Mr. Rose was referred to me by a previous client of his. I was told he was very reasonable and fair. I have found this to be more than true. I came with multiple issues. He patiently listened to everything I had to say. Most, were reasons I needed his help with “excuses” of Why I had not filed back taxes. He showed no incriminations or downtrodding of my behavior. Just empathy and understanding. He called me within days of wonderful news regarding my taxes. But I was never concerned, because my peace of mind came upon meeting with Mr. Michael Rose. I would and have referred him to others I know and intend to return for Michael Rose, CPA PC to prepare my taxes from this point on. I found him to be very fair, reasonable, understanding and compassionate. I am completely satisfied with my dealing with him. I want to thank him wholeheartedly!!"

D. Johnson